HeliInvasion HD
HeliInvasion HD

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A game for iPad , iPhone , iPod touch and Android device

Survive waves of invading hostile helicopters! Shoot them with your cannon , rocket , rock ,wind ,and try to make them rotate until they explode. Let them knock into each other to create massive chain reactions of explosions! Earn money with each exploding helicopter to repair and upgrade your cannon.

- Support Multi Touch after getting double shell , players can control the direction of the shell.
- GameCenter enabled , Compete with your friends through online Leaderboards via the GameCenter system!
- Upgrade weapons's rate of fire and amount.
- Using box2d physical engine to simulate the collision , flying , exploding.
- Support iPad , iPhone and iPod touch.


What's New in this Version
1. Provide more scenes for each wave.
2. Three properties provided, STONE,WIND and SHIELD.
3. New bullet for cannon.
4. The MainMenu is also a game.
5. Support IAP.
6. New UI.